About Me

I was bitten by the Kdrama bug around a year back, in June 2019. Since then, there has been no looking back. I was done with most of the popular western rom com serieses(if that’s a word) and was in search of fresh ones when a friend on facebook shared a post from one of the Kdrama fan groups. I realized NetFlix had many korean dramas ready to stream. So I started with ‘Boys over Flowers’. With a full time day job and a 3 year old kid, I hardly get any day light hours to sit in front of TV or get hooked to mobile screen. So I usually watch dramas, on my mobile after everyone has gone to bed and take some out of my sleep hours. Yeah, it has been taking a toll on me, on some mornings I feel like a zombie in the morning if a particularly riveting tale had me up all night. :) 


But it is not just hedonistic pursuit of pleasure. It is my 'Me time', my meditation, it is what keeps me sane most days. I live a new life each day vicariously through all these characters. A budding romance keeps me pepped up all day, a mystery tale makes me a sleuth out on a clue hunt. 

So join me in this wonderful journey through the kDrama Wonderland.