Flower of Evil

How do you love someone, when you think you are devoid of the ability to feel emotions and the specialists have diagnosed you with anti-social personality disorder. (Damn those punks!)

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Flower of Evil, is the new tvN drama starring Lee Joon-gi and Moon Chae-won currently on air, the 12th episode due next Wednesday. This has been a thrill ride so far and the story has kept me on the edge-of-my-seat or stuck-to my-mobile-at-4am.

The first episode opens up to a scene of a man tied down to a bar in a swimming pool and a lady in a pant suit (who has clearly forgotten to remove her jacket 😀) playing the rescuer, rather than hustling to get him out of the pool, kisses him(or is may be doing an underwater CPR, who knows) and that kiss blends into a kiss in a metal sale-outlet-cum-workshop. We get to know that they are a married couple with a 6year old daughter.

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The lady, Cha Ji-won is a cop, and the man Baek Hee-sung is a metal craftsman and a doting dad. Things start looking suspicious when on his birthday dinner, his parents behave awfully and this is his reply to a question they ask:

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Interesting right! All that kissy-mushy stuff was an act? Turns out, Baek Hee sung is Do Hyun-soo, son of a serial killer and the people of his small town believe that he was in on the act with his father. He is also a wanted fugitive accused of the murder of the village headman.

So has he been deceiving Ji-won all this while? Why the parents of real Baek Hee-sung going along with the act? Was Hyun-soo aware of his father's acts and was an accomplice? Did Hyun-soo really murder the village-head? Is he really a devoid-of –feelings cruel person? And why did he marry and had a kid when he is on the run and is devoid of feelings. We get all these answers as the story progresses and what a thrilling ride it has been.

Joon-gi's character is painted in the black for the first three episodes, and he has done a stellar job to portray a man devoid of feelings or having a cruel side, capable of murder. Moon Chae won is believable as a cop and an innocent wife who has been kept in the dark. But the star of the drama is the story itself which keeps you glued to the screen.

I just can't wait for the next episode, can you?

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