My favorite stories from 'It's Okay to not be Okay'

Updated: Sep 20, 2020

It's Okay to Not be Okay ended last weekend, 9th Aug 2020, and I still can't move on. Replaying through the episodes, I marvel at the fantastic storytelling and execution. Specially the last two episodes, tied all loose ends, each character that ever appeared was given a meaningful closure. All in all, a very well thought of 'last episode'. As I mentioned in my last post all through the series, each episode introduces a story that has been written by Ko Mun yeong. Here, I am quoting my favorite stories.

Episode 1 :The Boy who Fed on Nightmares

There was a boy who often had nightmares. He wokeup from another awful nightmare. Bad memories from the past that he wanted to forget were replayed in his dreams every night and haunted him nonstop. So one day he went to the witch and begged,'Please get rid of all my bad memories, so that I won't ever have a nightmare again.Then I will do everything you ask'

Years went by and the boy became an adult. He no longer had nightmares. But for some strange reason he wasn't happy at all.

One night a blood moon filled the night sky, and the witch finally showed up again to take what he had promised in return for granting his wish. And he shouted at het with so much resentment.

"All my bad memories are gone, but why ..Why can't I become happy?

Then the witch took his soul as they had promised, and told him this.

'Hurtful, painful memories. Memories of deep regrets. Memories of hurting others and being hurt. Memories of being abandoned. Only those with such memories buried in their hearts can become more stronger, more passionate, and emotionally flexible. And only those can attain happiness. So don't forget any of it. Remember it all and overcome it. If you don't overcome it, you'll always be a kid whose soul never grows.

This story is basically the main crux of the whole show, overcoming your past, winning over your nightmares and growing your soul. All the 3 main characters refer to this story time and again throughout the series. 

Episode 4 -Zombie Kid

A baby was born in a small village. It had pale skin and large eyes.While raising the baby, his mother realised that he had no feelings whatsoever. All he had was the desire to eat, like a zombie. So the mother locked him up in the basement so that the villagers wouldn't see him.And ever night, she stole livestock from the villagers to feed him. That's how she raised him in secret. A number of years passed like that. Then one day, an epidemic broke out, which left the remaining animals dead. Those who survived the epidemic left the village.But the mother couldn't leave the son all alone. So to appease her son, crying of hunger, she cut off one of her legs and gave it to him. After that it was her arm. She gave him all her limbs. When she was left with nothing bit her torso, she embraced her son for the last time to let him devour what was left of her. With both his arms the boy tightly held his mother's torso and spoke for the first time in his life - " Mom, You are so warm"

What did the boy really want?

Satiating his hunger?

Or his mother's warmth?

Every time I revisited this story, I had tears in my eyes. More so because, Gang Tae who reads it on the screen also reduces to tears, remembering his relationship with his mom. And the accompanying artwork, especially for this story reaches you deeply. It is after reading this story, Gang Tae also turns warmer towards Ko Mun Yeong, I think he realizes that Mun yeong also had a difficult childhood, bereft of any warmth from her mother. 

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