Record of Youth

Record of Youth (Korean: 청춘기록; : Cheongchungirok) is the new tvN drama, currently on air starring Park Bo-gum, Park So-dam, Byeon Woo-seok and Kwon Soo-hyun, streaming worldwide on NetFlix.

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As per the wikipedia page and I quote "A 6.362% viewership rating was recorded nationwide for the series's first episode, making it one of the highest premiere ratings of the network.[7][8]"" 

This is my first Park Bo Gum drama and I actually started watching it not for Bo Gum but for Park So Dam. Her performance in Cinderella and Four Knights was endearing and after that, I didn't get a chance to see any of her other works, apart from her powerful presence in the Oscar winner 'Parasite'.

From the vibe on Kdrama Social Media Fan pages, Park Bo Gum has a huge fan base, which is proven by the record opening of the drama. But I have just finished 4th episode and I have a lukewarm response to this drama.

The plot is basically about struggles of young people finding their footing in life and we have tons of great dramas already on the said storyline, the most notable comes to my mind is 'Fight for My way' which was way funnier, balancing out the sombre plot. Record of Youth offers no such respite. We are served with the tale of a struggling model turned actor, Sa Hye-jun, from a poor family background and a makeup artist, Ahn Jeong-ha, who is being bullied at work, but there is no comedy, suspense or any other drama ingredient to balance the dish. What is most annoying is the way Hye-Jun's family pulls him down, wants him to enlist for army service and basically end any hopes for a career in the entertainment industry.

The lead pair is still getting to know each other, but there is no electric chemistry. Jeong-ha has been a fan of Hye-jun but the scene where she meets Hye-jun in real life and actually does his makeup for him, I would have been shaking but she keeps herself together. In the very next scene, she lies to him about being his fan. I think the writers want Hye-Jun's struggle to take the centre stage in the drama rather than any romantic possibilities among the actors. Sure there has been the drinking out, eating out, a bus ride, and the ultimate..walking in the rain under a transparent umbrella, but still I don't feel any sparks flying among them. What I see is comfort which is grounded in reality, comfort of a newly formed friendship and warmth.

Sure it is very early, just 4 episodes, to announce a verdict on this one but honestly, I am not too excited..

To be updated soon..stay tuned.

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