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Updated: Jul 9, 2020

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Though Boys Over Flowers was my first K drama, it was Strong Woman that got me hooked and wanting for more. I remember I got the recommendation from one of the Fan pages on Facebook. 

Romantic, Funny, Thrilling , it has all the elements that make a great drama series.

Synopsis: Do Bong Soon, a petite looking girl, is bestowed with other worldly strength which runs in the female members of her family. She helps people around here and there but tries her best to keep her strength hidden as she want to live a "normal" life. Ahn Min Hyuk, happens to witness her abilities and hires her as his bodyguard. Bong Soon has a crush on her friend from school Guk doo who is now a Police officer. All was well, until a psycho villain starts kidnapping petite girls around the area where Bong Soon lives. What follows is an all engrossing roller coaster of 'hearts in your eyes' romance and 'chills in your spine' thrill.

Reasons you should start watching this drama RIGHT NOW:

Ahn Min Hyuk : Played by Park Hyung Sik, this character is bound to make you feel 'weak-in-your-knees'. Trust me! CEO of a gaming company, he helps Bong Soon realize her dreams.  The way he looks deep into her eyes, full of yearning and want, is captivating to say the least. I could go on but that would give too much away, in a nutshell, he is the guy you wanna be with. 

Look at those eyes:

The Love Triangle: Guk doo played by Ji Soo is a strong character, busy chasing the kidnapper guy, who cares about Bong Soon. Bong Soon is all head over heels for him initially, and due to a mis understanding she thinks Min Hyuk is Gay, which Minhyuk doesn’t try to clarify until later. Also, she thinks MinHyuk is hitting on Guk doo. All this results in a hilarious and very unique love triangle.

The Chemistry Bong-Bong -Min-Min : Bong Soon lovestruck on Guk Doo, initially finds Min Hyuk annoying at best. But their chemistry builds up to a simmering point . Their cute text exchanges and Min-Min’s cute reactions to are sooo heart warming that you will keep coming back to them again and again.



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