Tale of the Nine Tailed

Updated: Nov 1, 2020

If you are following several Kdrama fan groups on social media like me, you would know that this TvN outing is the latest sensation in dramaland. I must say, they have done a good job of coming up with the English title.

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The plot(No spoilers)

Based on the folklore of Gumiho, a mystical Nine-tailed fox, this is a trip into a fantasy world, where Lee Dong Wook, once a mountain spirit and deity, is now a hunter of evil supernatural spirits who are disturbing the mortal world. He was banished from being the deity because he fell in love with a human and did forgo his mountain to follow his love’s soul up to the Samdo River and gave her his fox bead( which is basically a GPS tracker of sorts with magical powers..:D). Throughout his 1000 years on earth, he has been waiting for the reincarnation of his one true love, came many look-alikes but none had the GPS tracker aka the fox bead. Meanwhile, there is the half-brother, Lee Rang played by Kim Bum, which is the anti-hero, who was once devoted to his brother but due to his abandonment of the mountain, he holds deep grudges against Lee Dong Wook.

Then there is Nam Ji-ah, who is a TV producer now and, I am sure I am not spoiling anything by saying that she is the reincarnated ‘one-true-love’ of the Gumiho, as it is pretty clear from the first episode itself when he saves her as a kid.

My Take

Let me put it out there first, I am watching this drama for Kim Bum. And what a fantastic job he has done as ‘half-black-half white’ anti-hero. The fact that this cutie from the ‘Boys of Flowers’ ensemble is capable of portraying someone ruthless and sometimes, cruel, has been a pleasant surprise. You can feel his pain, his deep-rooted angst and that is why his actions look justified and you are not able to hate him but feel for him and root for him. And did I mention, he looks stunning with that bad-boy smile. Kudos to the production team that his look is so on point and the suits he has donned make a perfect visual. I have seen 6 episodes so far and the push and pull among these brothers is intriguing though his latest actions will cast doom on his brother.

Lee Dong-wook, I agree is a handsome fella, picturesque is the word that comes to mind. But...something about his personality says ‘laidback’ and that is not very attractive. That is why I am not invested in the romance of the lead couple and their past sob story. Jo Bo-ah, hasn’t left a strong impression so far on me, though I feel she has been doing justice to her character as a feisty, ‘stop-at-nothing’ kinda gal who is hell-bent upon finding her parents.

I’ve been watching this on Viki with the ‘timed comments’ feature on, and that makes the whole viewing experience a communal fanfare, like watching a movie in the cinema hall, all sharing a loud gasp on a jump scare, and beware, this series has a pretty share of jump scares and a few disgusting scenes as well, especially the 3rd episode.

The accident of Nam Ji-ah and her vision/dream of her ‘false’ parents and then the fact that no deadbody was found on the accident site, is what is keeping the viewers glued to this show. And then there is the mysterious re-awakend Imugi and his connection with Nam Ji-ah in her current life, all this suspense is making me wait desperately for the next episode.

How have you been feeling about this show, let me know in the comments section at the bottom of this page(after the recent posts section). I know episodes 8 and 9 are already out and yes, i am yet to watch them. But while waiting for new episodes of this series I started watching Hwayugi aka The Korean Odyssey, as many comments on Viki pointed out the similarities, and now well I am head over heels for Lee Seungi. So that has been keeping me from watching the latest episodes, will update this review once this series rounds up.

PS: Now you can comment anonymously, no need to signup to Wix(that was a darn annoying thing)!! Use the comment section at the bottom of this page, after the 'recent posts' section.


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