The Top 5 Uncomplicated Romantic K –Dramas

K dramas tend to have multiple story lines running parallelly, even the romantic comedies tend to have some complex background stories. Most of the time it is hooking, but sometimes you just want to hang your head and enjoy a light romance without much complications.

Following is the list of such light-hearted K dramas where Romance takes the center stage.

1 percent of Something – This romantic series starring Ha Seok jin and Jeon So-min tops my list. It is based on a novel of the same title. This was my first tryst with Ha Seok Jin and I have been following all his works. Forced by his grandfather's wishes and command, Lee Jae-in agrees to date Da-hyun. They agree to enter into a pretend dating contract for six months. But slowly they fall for each other. The story is light, heartwarming and filled with swoon worthy kisses. Ha Seok Jin and Jeon So-min make a great pair on screen and their off-screen is great as well. 

Here's a clip of one such kiss

To understand their off-screen chemistry, check out this clip:

Ji Suk & Seok Jin, How Many Kissing Scenes Have you done With So Min? [Running Man Ep 447]

2.My Secret Romance is a 2017 South Korean television series starring Sung Hoon and Song Ji-eun.

Before watching this drama, I had seen Sung Hoon in Oh My Venus, but there he was in a supporting role so I couldn't notice how handsome he actually looks and his voice!! That deep, rich, smoky voice that makes you go uhhmmm!  Again, romance takes the centre stage here, the characters Jin-wook and Yoo-mi end up spending the night together in the first episode itself. But Yoo-mi disappears without a word and Jin-wook feels insulted.Then there is a time jump of 3 years where both characters meet again in a professional setting , Yoo-mi now a nutritionist is assigned in the cafeteria of Jin-wook's company. Will Jin-wook get his answers and why did Yoo-mi left without a word? Well, you better find that out yourself. Here, is a kiss compilation from the drama:

3. I Picked Up a Celebrity on the street – Now this one is a hidden gem. I am surprised why isn't this one very popular as it is sooo funny. Starring Sung Hoon and Kim Ga Eun, this is not your routine rom com. The romance builds up slowly but the plot is fresh and had me laughing out loud often.

Don't let the theme song fool you, which makes it look like some spooky, voodoo tale. Once you get to know the plot , the very same spooky looking theme song seems so hilarious. 

I am not putting a synopsis here, cause that will take away few elements from the first few episodes. Just dive in without knowing anything :

4.Miss Antoinette ~ is a 2016 South Korean television series starring Han Ye-seul and Sung Joon. Sung Joon has essayed such amazing roles in his career and most of the time have some dark shades including in this one. Owing to a traumatic childhood where Choi Soo-hyun's(Sung Joon) mother leaves him in an amusement park, an abusive father and a step family ,though nice, never really stood up for him, he develops trust issues with women and he has grown up to become a psychotherapist specializing in women's psychology(the irony!). Go Hye-rim(Han Ye-seul) is a quirky fortune teller who claims a connection with the spirit of French queen Marie Antoinette.

They get off to a rocky start, both trying to outplay another which is always a super ingredient to a steamy romance. Go Hye-rim continues to have dark intentions and doesn't let go off his beliefs that easily. How Hye-rim helps him overcome his past and what their story entails, find out for yourself.  

5 . I Need Romance 3 – Another Sung Joon starrer where he is paired up with Kim So-yeon , this drama has 4 romantic stories running in parallel, each deeper that the last. Younger guys falling for older women, which is a recurring theme in K dramas, here Sung Joon's character is 7-8 younger than Kim So yeon's. She used to baby sit him before his family moved to the US! All grown up and a now a music composer, he returns to Korea with hearts-in-his-eyes for his Shin-Shin. But Shin Joo-yeon, is not the warm hearted lady that he remember her as. 

Did I mention Sung Joon is the best kisser in K dramaland and this drama has aplenty!! You should pick this drama up if you want to feel through these kisses. 

Get a peek preview here : 

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