True Beauty

5 reasons why..True Beauty should be your next binge watch..

This easy-breezy romantic comedy with a pretty cast is perfect for your weekend binge.

5. Organic Attraction – Many a time in dramaland, we are served with a lead pair who falls for each other, because ..well..they have to, without forming a strong connection. The prettiest boy in school falls for the average looking girl, the oh-so-rich boy falls for the feisty-but-poor girl. In that aspect, I found our lead pair Lee Su-ho and Im Ju-kyung have a common love for ‘horror-comic-books’. When Ju-Kyung moves back to her old neighborhood and visits the ‘round-the-corner’ comic book store ‘Prince Comics’ and runs into Su-ho, the prettiest boy from school. This got me hooked into the story right away, as the bookstore backdrop for a budding relationship is my favorite and fantasy of sorts, surrounded by stories while you spin one of your own...sigh! Later, we come to know that they used to meet at the bookstore as kids as well, Ju-kyung being the only companion that Su-ho had in an otherwise lonely childhood.

t helps that Ju-kyung is pretty clumsy and always tripping and falling at the right time ;)

4. Stellar Supporting Cast- The supporting cast ensemble is lively and the sub-storylines support the main narrative perfectly, and there is never a dull moment. Im Se-mi(Im Hee-kyung) is delightful as the heady elder sister, who pursues her sister’s teacher , Oh Eui-shik as Han Jun-woo, after getting just a glance of him from across the street and finding him Uber cute. Their love-story deserved more screen time, but they never disappointed whenever they came on screen.

The Ju-kyung’s parents compliment each other like Yin-Yang. While the mother is spunky and over-the-top in her reactions, the father is a subdued, softy at heart person. Added bonus is the younger bothers who is always busy fighting and bickering with his noona, never missing a chance at pulling her leg, but still loves her dearly. Together, these characters brought to life some livid and some hilarious scenes.

3. Cha Eun-woo as Lee Su-ho – Well, this was my first meeting Cha Eun-woo. I did try starting ‘My ID is Gangnam Beauty’ but had stopped because the FL’s face was too distracting. I ended up watch My ID this time around when I was waiting for the episodes of True Beauty. Well, Cha Eun-woo looks like he has apparated out of a comic book itself. And when I compare True Beauty with My ID, I can definitely see that he has grown a lot as an actor as well. His rendition of the broody-hurting-restrained Lee Su-ho is on-point. He is indeed a feast for the eyes! But a quick search on Youtube, reveals that he is much more than just a pretty face.

2.Hwang In-yeop as Han Seo-jun – So fans of this drama have divided themselves into two teams, Team Suho and Team Seo-jun. If I must choose a team, I would choose to be on #teamSeo-jun. Before I delve deeper into the character Han Seo-jun and his chemistry with Im Ju-kyung, let me start with the actor Hwang In-yeop. I did not notice that it was my second time seeing Hwang In-yeop on my screen. When I was going through his profile pages over the internet, I realised that he was the actor who played the dainty-loyal swordsman standing next to the antagonist in ‘Tale of Nokdu’. I remember every time he appeared on screen, I was afraid for Nokdu’s life. Whoa! I couldn’t believe he is the same person playing the rogue-but-softy-at-heart highschooler now on my screen.

His looks. His unique looks. Set him apart from miles away. I haven’t read the webtoon yet, but the images that are shown in the title theme of the drama, tells me that the casting is perfect. In fact, that is true for all the three main actors.

His voice. Swooooon! He checks all the right boxes on my checklist.

His acting. He engulfed Han Seo-jun, his delivery of the character is impeccable. From the motorcycle blaring bad-boy to the pining-hurting sufferer of one-sided love, he made all of it soo natural and poignant. He made Seo-jun’s pain so palpable that I couldn’t help but root for him. You can feel his restraint as if Seo-jun is literally pulling himself back, whenever Ju-kyung came too close. Like the photoshoot scene, that sideways glance from him...swooon!

It was magic and fire..alas we would never be able to see more of that least with this set of characters. Though I don’t want him to be typecasted but hope In-yeop get’s to be a main lead soon.

Some Ju-kyung-SeoJun moments:

1. The Show is Hilarious – And finally, the most important reason to catch this drama is the plot and the excellent writing. This drama is HILARIOUS! I am not going to jot down my favorite funny scenes here(may be material for a different blog post) but trust me this drama is a roller-coaster ride. It takes you through a medley of emotions in such quick succession that there is not a moment too-heavy. I hate those dramas which offer no respite from the gloom. Here, before you could bawl your eyes out on one scene, another makes you stifle your laughs. No slapstick comedy but all result of great writing. And there are tons of references to other popular k-dramas, Extraordinary you, CLOY, The King to name a few. If I had to pick just one scene, I would pick the ‘dumpling-making-war’ between Seo-jun and Su-ho. This has to be the most hilarious ‘picking-a-son-in-law’ method ever! How the characters end up here is pretty funny but this scene was pure writing genius in my books...rofl!

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A very close second is the scene where Im-Ju-Kyung and Su-ho are on a house date and are about to kiss but Ju-kyung’s father , who is hiding under the table catches them..omg!!

All in all, this was a great fun watch and I can see myself returning to it for a quick comic relief again.

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